Community Briefing Video: D’Quan Young

Note to viewers: This video contains graphic content.

On May 9, 2018 at approximately 6:50 pm, an off-duty MPD officer was on his way to attend a cookout with friends. As the officer was off-duty, he was not wearing a uniform or body-worn camera. The off-duty officer was approached by Mr. D’Quan Young, who brandished a handgun. There was an exchange of gunfire between Mr.

Young and the off-duty officer. MPD officers arrived on scene and provided first aid until DC Fire and EMS transported Mr. Young to a local hospital where he died.
DFS recovered Mr. Young’s handgun from the scene. DFS also recovered a shell casing from the scene. The independent DFS investigation found that the shell casing had been fired from Mr. Young’s handgun. DNA found on the handgun matched the DNA of Mr. Young.